Antioch Baptist Church, Culpeper   "The Church Where Christ is Alive"
Antioch Baptist Church, Culpeper   "The Church Where Christ is Alive"

Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry, also called the Missionary Society, is leading organization in churchs that leads by example in following the Great Commission.  The purpose of this ministry is to perform outreach opportunities to reach those in need spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially.  The Missionary Ministry of Antioch is active in outreach within the Culpeper community.  They collect and distribute food items to donate to local agencies and people. They also purchase items to distribute to the sick and shut-in in the community.  The Missionary Ministry offers prayers, comfort, fellowhip, and gospel spreading to the community. The Missionary Ministry meets on the first Saturday of each month.  

      2020 Thanksgiving Food Basket                                       Giveaway

    2016 Missionary Day Program

On January 10, 2015, the Antioch Baptist Church Missionaries presented a certificate of appreciate to former Missionary President, Mary Lee Lane. Mrs. Lane served faithfully as a member and president of the Missionaries for several years.  

Missionary Outreach - Culpeper Rehabilitation Center Visit

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